Thursday, August 14, 2008

Family Olympics

The Olympians!

We have established that we love the Olympics.  Fortunately for us, we also have great neighbors in our town who also love the Olympics.  So tonight we held the "Family Olympics!" Unfortunately, due to a rather lengthy thunderstorm, we were only able to complete one event - swimming.  The children really had a good time though and we are hoping to do some track and field tomorrow!  After the medal ceremony we came back to our house and all ate dinner together (Chinese, of course).  

We made medals out of cupcake liners and ribbon.

They are off!

Grace won gold! As did Marshall and Hannah - all in separate events.

After dinner, we had cupcakes decorated with the Olympic rings.  I'm not so sure I was that successful on this one, Grace thought that the rings should have overlapped!


  1. What fun! I do think that the rings should have overlapped...maybe you should have made the life savers from scratch so they would be just right!! HA-HA

  2. These photos are great! Although I'm not sure who enjoyed our Olympics more the kids or the adults! :)


  3. kyle is very sad that he can not particpate in the Olympics. He is already planning to copy all your ideas. Reading your blog was like reading an issue of Family Fun!

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