Friday, August 18, 2017

Our World and Manners

I've recently kicked off a family "manners school."  The children have rolled their eyes and said no way, but I am moving on it full steam ahead.  Folks, they need it!  Not because they run around being rude all the time, but rather because I want to equip them as best as I can with how to be kind, constructive citizens in this crazy and scarey world in which they are growing up.  I"m not talking about which fork to use (though we will cover that too) but rather how to make ones way while dealing with other children, adults, teachers, cell phones, and, of course, situations that are simply downright wrong.

Interestingly, on our first night, as the children reluctantly sat listening to me reading the intro of, How Rude! by Alex J. Packer, we came across this passage, "Society is often resistant to change, and even rights that have been won after years of struggle (for example, women's rights, voting rights, gay rights) can come under renewed attack by those who wish to turn back the clock."

I couldn't believe how timely it was in regards to all that our country is dealing with right now.  It led to a good and open discussion with the children about Charlottesville, even though I find I don't have the right words and tools in my arsenal to fully explain all that is happening and why.  We will continue to have these discussions with the children in small and big ways but I'm hoping that if any of you have resources that help with this (podcasts, news articles, roadmaps for discussions) that you will share in the comments as I'm betting it would help us all.  More and more, I feel like our children's generation is going to have so much to deal with, and fix, in every possible arena (climate, moral sticking points, politics and hate to name a few) that I'm fearful for them, but also, looking at the children I know and love all around me, I'm hopeful too.

P.S.  I miss the days when I could read a picture book to the children to communicate and teach the children so many things!


  1. Anna! This is so good. I am at the stage where I can still use picture books to explain concepts I am trying to teach the children. I am going to be at a loss in a few years.

    1. Amy, I miss it so much! The time, the lessons and the ease!


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