Tuesday, August 8, 2017

In the Garden

I cannot believe that I haven't posted about what is growing in the garden and it's already August!    Here's a photographic exhibit of some, not all, that we have or have had growing...

The asparagus has delighted me in every way.  We probably won't be able to harvest for the next year or two but after that they can produce for up to 25 years!

The peonies all had at least one bloom and many had several more, not bad for the first year!

The garlic crop wasn't stellar this year but we harvested a fair amount and I learned some things for next year.

I've taken approximately one million pictures of this raspberry swiss chard because it's so darn pretty. The kale behind it has done exceptionally well too.

We had a beautiful spring/early summer crop of lettuces, radishes and snap peas.

I swore I wasn't going to plant any roses but, in the end, I planted 10.  I'm sure they will break my heart but I just can't stop myself.

 The clematis vines have been beautiful!

The dahlias are just getting started and have surprised me in that I have so many orange and yellows. I remember ordering mostly pink...

The nasturtiums I planted have actually taken over the beds they are in.  I clearly went overboard on them and they are trying to overtake my carrots.

 The strawberries have been so fun and usually don't make it past the garden gate before being eaten.

The zinnias are absolutely amazing and have done exceptionally well.  This color combo might be my favorite.

The green beans should be ready any day now.  Sadly, the cucumbers that were next to them were full and beautiful one day, and producing delicious cucumbers, and the next day they started wilting.  Within a week... dead.  Our zucchini and squash also struggled a bit and I thought they might reach the same fate but they seem to have rebounded so far.

The cosmos are also just getting started.  They remind me so much of a graceful ballet dancer floating in the air.

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