Monday, August 14, 2017

A Quick Airstream Trip

When we first bought the Airstream, we promised ourselves we wouldn't "count" trips or feel guilty if we didn't use it every single weekend.  If, in fact, we didn't even make it out in a season, we wouldn't feel guilt but rather look at its usage over many, many years.  And we've stuck to that, but we were starting to feel its pull as we hadn't been in the Airstream since our 9 week trip last summer.

So we took it out for a couple of nights and while it was a bit of a disaster in regards to what we forgot to bring, we settled in pretty quickly to the utter joy of camping together in the Airstream.  I wish I could put into words how much we love this little camper.  It just makes us happy.  It's been such a gift and a blessing to our family and I"m already looking forward to our next trip!

As compared to our trip last summer (I still dream of it, a year later) this was a very laid back couple of days.  We swam, hiked just a bit and even took a nap!  Oh, and we ate very well. 

It was the first trip we took with Rosie with us!  She was a natural and did great even when certain children made her pose with a towel on her head. :)

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