Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Pea Gravel and Sod

Prior to being a garden, the land was a field and not a field that had been cultivated or used, but rather a hay field that had more weeds than hay (not to mention poison ivy, multi-flora rose and grasses).   This made is difficult and unsightly to work in the garden in addition to being a spot that was favored by ticks (you guys, the ticks have about undone me this year- I can't even deal with them).

What we were going to line the garden paths with has been a much thought about, talked about and researched topic since we first started making the garden.  I knew we wanted pea gravel in some parts but I also really wanted something green, and a little lush, in the main T.  We worried about putting grass in because we didn't want grass clippings to land on the vegetables (no one wants cut grass in their lettuce!) and also because it would be more work to cut each week.

However, ultimately we decided grass was the way to go, but growing it from seed would be very difficult since I am in the garden every day and baby grass doesn't like to be walked on.  Also, frankly, I wanted something to just "be done."  I really, really liked the idea of a little bit of instant gratification!

So we laid sod!  As luck would have it, the couple of days that we laid the sod were the hottest and most humid days of the entire summer and probably the worst possible time to lay sod.  You win some and you lose some I suppose.

Prior to laying the sod, Bryce rented a tiller and we prepped the area by tilling, raking and smoothing!  This was an all hands on deck sort of work and I was really proud of how hard the children worked for the couple of days that it took to lay.

It does look like we lost a few strips of the sod but all in all, it looks great and we were lucky to get rainy and cooler than normal weather for the following week.

P.S.  We bought a very small, electric mower that has a bag for the grass clippings which will be ideal for the compost bin!

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  1. You guys are just SO amazing, i truly cannot believe the amount of work you get done, it's insane!!! Garden looks stunning!!!


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