Friday, August 25, 2017

Around Here

The weather here has a hint of fall in the air!  It's rather unusual for August,  though truth be told, it has not felt as hot this year as most other years and it's been very wet.  Good for the garden and for us!

We've finally finished the garden shed and that's a huge weight off of our minds.  It took up so much time and energy, but it was worth it as it looks fantastic.  Pictures to come soon.

Historically, we haven't watched a lot of tv around here.  However, this summer, we've found that we all enjoy watching a show together and we've just finished up Anne with an E*.  Grace has read Anne of Green Gables before, and I expected her to be the one to love the show.  While she did really like it, I was surprised that it was Harris who really loved it!  In fact, he asked to read the book.  That made my day!

We went to a local observatory to watch the eclipse and I took appropriate snacks.  I totally dropped the ball and didn't have glasses for us, but strangers were kind enough to let us look through theirs.  It was really neat but seeing as how we had 85% coverage I was surprised it didn't get darker.

I took this snack plate to friends who had just moved.  I thought it was so pretty and I loved that I got to use vegetables from our garden.

The foundation of the new kitchen is complete!  I've been surprised, and grateful, that all the rain hasn't held things up too much.

My tomatoes took forever to get ripe this year and I was worried that something had gone wrong.  I needn't have worried because they are producing like crazy and we've been enjoying amazing BLTs.

The children and I went on our annual beach day with The O's and it was a fabulous day as always.  Family friends are such a blessing.

The flowers.  Oh, the flowers.  They have been glorious and abundant.

My baby got braces!  I think he looks adorable.

*Anne with an E deals with some pretty tough subject matter, it delves in to the abuse she suffered, so I would not recommend it for younger children.  They don't shy away from anything!

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  1. Looks like y'all are having fun. We had 97% coverage in North Alabama. It was more light than we thought it would be. We let the 1st -3rd grade students at the school were I am math coach out to watch it. They loved it.


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