Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Moving a Chicken Coop

We have several out buildings on our property but from the get-go the one that has intrigued me the most was the one that is in the worst shape!  Back by the small barn sat a run down, bedraggled and very old chicken coop.  Back in the day, the chickens who called this home were living the dream but, when we found it, it looked like it was destined for the trash heap.

From the moment I saw it, I envisioned it being a garden shed - I mean, look at those windows!  We started talking early on, Bryce and I, and then Al, about moving it, but it didn't seem to be super realistic.  The idea of taking it apart and putting it back together didn't seem to be high on anyone's list either!  But then we started making plans to build a shed and realized how expensive that could get and also that it simply wouldn't be as charming.  So while Al was here, he took the time to go jack up one of the corners of the shed.  And guess what?  It was solid - super solid in fact.  Back in the day, they really did seem to build things to last (it has tongue and groove flooring over a a chicken coop!).

On a whim, I called a local business that sells sheds and they put me in touch with a shed mover.  He came out that same day, gave us a surprisingly good price, and came out to move it a week later.  I still cannot believe that we were able to move the entire structure across the lawn to its new home.  So far, this has been the easiest and least expensive thing we've done and we got to save an old building!  That feels good.

Of course, now comes the hard part.  For as well built as it is, there are obviously parts that are not so great.  It needs new windows, a new roof and the replacement of rotted wood.  I can hardly wait to see the finished product!


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