Monday, November 14, 2016

Doors and Door Knobs

When we began talking about renovating the hallway and bedroom area, we had to really give thought to what we wanted to preserve about the space and what we wanted to change.  It was important to me that we keep the flavor of the space so as to not make a completely new and generic space in our old house.  Yes, I wanted to update and to make it more livable for us, but I also wanted to retain the charm and quirkiness of our old house.

Much of that charm came down to the doors and the door hardware.  In this area of the house, and only in this area of the house, there were barn doors (different barn door style than what's popular today!) instead of paneled doors.  There was also a mish mash of door handles.  The door handles were black iron and brass, which I loved.  I love the patina on the door handles, it speaks to the many hands that have touched it.

Originally, our architect planned to replaced each door with a paneled door, but after much thought and debate we decided to keep the barn doors.  I think it speaks to the evolution of the house.  We didn't actually have enough of these doors so our contractor had to make two new ones to match the ones we were reusing.

I knew that I wanted to keep the door handles as they were definitely something one doesn't see every day.  I really liked that they would all be different but with the black and brass to keep them all unified.

two of the handles we reused for Harris' closet.

Again, we didn't have quite enough of these handles and I needed two more, which turned out to be very difficult as you can't just go to the hardware store and order one!  After many phones calls and internet searches (all while on our trip!) I tracked down two through a gentleman who specializes in old house hardware.  He had two that he had just restored.  They were not inexpensive, but I think the overall look was well worth it.

back of the door handle

front of the door handle

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