Sunday, November 6, 2016

Harris Turns 12

And just like that, our boy is 12.  I could go on and on about how time is literally flying by and how I remember when he would look up at me and say, "I want to hoe you humpin," which translated to "I want to show you something," (when speech therapy corrected that it sort of broke my heart) but I would sound like a broken record.  So instead I'll do our annual top ten list for this crazy, active, fearless boy of ours.

1.  He loves to tumble and do flips.  He's recently started sticking his landings regularly!  He made a power point (ish) presentation a couple of months ago detailing the reasons why we should have a trampoline.

2.  This school year, he started attending Waldorf and while I was expecting him to have a big transition time, he seems to have taken it in stride.

3.  He's funny, he cracks me up all the time!  He simply loves to have fun, sometimes too much fun, and loves doing things with his friends.

4.  He is fearless.  I thought this summer that I might have a heart attack from all the times he went to an edge, ran ahead on a trail, jumped off a cliff into water or simply tried something scary.  While I do love that he will try anything, I would love for that frontal lobe to get a little more developed :)

5.  He has an odd affinity for blankets.  He will wrap himself up in a blanket to simply walk around the house!  On his bed, he has no less than two blankets at all times (he prefers three).

6.  He has an interest in wood working.  This is something I would really love for him to learn to do but, again, I would also like him to keep all his digits.

7.  He has a hard time entertaining himself, as he always has.  We are actively trying to encourage him to find a hobby that he can get engrossed in!  Otherwise, the computer is something he is drawn too.

8.  He can be so sweet.  He loves his family and has no problem giving or getting hugs.  I love that about him.

9.  He is very energetic and active.  However, he knows when he is done for the day and will put himself to bed as soon as he is tired!

10.  He still wants that dog.

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