Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Before and After of Harris' Room

Harris has a great room!  It gets good light, has a fantastic view out the back and is full of  quirky charm!  Unfortunately, when I took the pictures of Harris' finished, empty room it was getting dark and so the light isn't very good, therefore, neither are the pictures but you can get the gist.

Originally, the only access to Grace's room, from upstairs, was through his room. We rectified that by putting in the hallway but, of course, by doing that we ate up what was his closet.

Door to Grace's room and on far left, door to the closet

Therefore, we built out the wall a little to build him in a closet.  I was worried it was going to eat up too much space but it worked out perfectly and his room is still plenty big for him.  We reused doors to make his closet and if you look closely you can see that they don't quite match up.  We also moved the door to his room to the hallway.

Harris has a fantastic view out of his windows!  This wall wasn't touched except paint and removing the shutters that were up.

Perhaps what Harris and I both love the most is his little window.  It swings open and is a lovely place to enjoy the breeze... or, if you are Harris, chuck things out the window.  To the right of the window is a little closet that we haven't quite figured out what to do with yet, as of now Harris has his bean bag chair in their for some quite reading time!


  1. What a cute space. I love that window! Do the radiators heat the room? How do you like that? Do they work well. I always wonder when we are looking at older homes if those do the job well?

    1. Hi Leah! The radiators do heat the room- sometimes a little too well! We have to turn one of them off so it doesn't get too warm! We are fortunate in that our heat system is steam so we don't get so dry in the winter. This is our first year with radiators so we will see how it goes but so far we really like them!


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