Monday, November 28, 2016


This year we had a Friendsgiving celebration with dear friends.  Our boys are long time friends, as are we, and it was so fun to spend the afternoon together.  Our only disappointment was that Dominique was not feeling well and couldn't join us.  We did get lucky in that it wasn't too, too cold and we were able to stay fairly warm by the fire, in the barn during lunch and by taking a walk around Frog's Hollow after we ate (while the children played a game of manhunt).

We set up long tables in the barn so that we were all able to eat together.  Up until we sat down, Bryce had a heater going that kept it a little warmer than it might otherwise have been.

Pulling the lunch together was easy as we made it a potluck.  Trying to keep the flavor of Thanksgiving, without recreating the traditional meal, I made turkey potpies, Cathy brought delicious desserts, and Domenique created appetizers to munch on.  We also had warm cider and a side salad. It was a perfect meal and a perfect afternoon with friends.


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