Saturday, August 20, 2016

Rocky Mountain National Park

The best part about our time in Rocky Mountain NP was that we got to camp with Bryce’s parents!  We were able to eat dinner together and visit around a campfire which was really, really lovely.

We fit in two different hikes, the first hike being in the Beaver Lake area.  We hiked to Nymph Lake, Dream Lake, and finally up to Emerald Lake where we saw a mountain lake fed by snowmelt!

We also hiked the Great Basin area where we were able to view several awesome waterfalls.  

We drove Trail Ridge Road and saw some truly majestic sights.  It was here that I confirmed that I could never be a Ranger because I would be constantly annoyed at people.  Even though there were signs every where stating that the tundra was fragile and to please stay on the trails, people were walking on it to get pictures or to take a wildlife photo.  It drove me crazy!  We even saw a gentleman trying to carry away a rather large piece of quartz (it’s a federal offense to take even so much as a small rock from the Parks).

Our campsite had a really beautiful view of the mountains.  Al and Marilyn were only one campsite away!

A weasel in our campground

Next stop... Mt. Rushmore

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