Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Salem, North Dakota

After Theodore Roosevelt NP we entered the “visit family” stage of our trip!  From the park, we made the short drive to New Salem, North Dakota.  Here we met up with Al’s brother and sisters!  I’m sad to report that we did a terrible job of getting photos of family.  We got so involved with visiting that we didn’t take pictures at all.  The only photo I got was the one above of Bryce’s Grandpa with Bryce and the children.  We got two really wonderful visits in with him and at 94 years old this man is sharp as a whip!  

Kathy, Al’s sister, and Pat took the children in the combine while he was harvested Spring Wheat (what flour is made from).  I was thrilled for the children to get such a hands on view and education about where our food is coming from.  

Duane (Al’s brother) and Karen were kind enough to host us and Jessie's (Bryce's cousin) family for dinner that evening and we adults got to visit while the children ran around.  The next day, Duane took us to visit Grandpa’s wind tower.  These things are huge!

Duane also took us to the coal mine where Jessie, his son, took us on a wonderful tour of the coal mine.  I’d never seen anything like this and it was quite an education.  The scale of everything is what I found so astounding.  The sizes of these machines are unbelievable.  Grace commented that it was like seeing toys they played with when they were little in a sandbox but a million times bigger!

We were able to get in several of the machines and ride with the operators as they moved earth and transported coal.  Again, wonderful to see where much of our energy is coming from.

Bryce was also thrilled to get to visit with his cousins Chad and Chase.  Kathy, their Mom and Al’s sister, hosted a gathering but, again, I got no pictures!  We made a trip to see Salem Sue, the world’s largest Holstein cow!  

And a trip to New Salem wouldn’t be complete without going to visit the old farm homestead.  

Next stop…Iowa

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