Monday, August 22, 2016

Mt. Rushmore

After we left the Rocky Mountains we landed in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  We had only planned on one night in this area, and I really wish that we had allowed for more time.  There was much to do in the area and we will most definitely want to try to make it back to spend more time here.

Once we were at our campsite and set up for the night, we headed straight up to Mt. Rushmore so that we could see the Monument in daylight and also see the evening presentation. 

Mt. Rushmore was originally conceived as a tourist attraction to help bring visitors to South Dakota.  Sculptor Gutzon Borglum spent 14 years creating his masterpiece, dying shortly before work was completed.  The four presidents represented are George Washington (founding father), Thomas Jefferson  (an expansionist), Abraham Lincoln (worked to keep our country together) and Theodore Roosevelt (a conservationist).  

The majority of the work on the mountain was done with dynamite!  Looking at the faces of the Presidents it is impossible for me to imagine how they were able to do such fine work on the granite.  Every detail was thought of including Roosevelt’s glasses and Lincoln’s beard.

Bryce has always had an affinity for Thomas Jefferson and learning that he came up with the first recipe for ice cream cemented the deal!

The evening program was inspirational, patriotic and reminded me what great Presidents did for our country!  I loved that at the close of the program they invited any past or present military personnel to come up and help take the flag down.

Next stop... Devils Tower

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