Friday, August 26, 2016

Iowa Family

After we left North Dakota, we spent time visiting Bryce's family in Iowa.  Once again, I did a terrible job of taking photos!  My only excuse is that I was enjoying everyone and it felt awkward to whip out the camera.

(Lana and Russ in their classic cars)

We spent two nights (in the Airstream) on Lana and Russ' farm.  We always love spending time here. They were kind enough to host a lunch and we were able to visit with Joyce's family, Bryce's cousin, Brian, Gina and Eldred.  And of course, the children's 2nd cousins!  That evening we went with Brian to Keystone and had delicious BBQ.

We also visited Jeff and Matt, Bryce's cousins, and Matt's children.  After Matt and Jeff's, we went to Joyce's farm where I got to tour the chicken coop and gardens!  We also played a rousing game of Peanuts with Jennel and Mary.  Harris and Grace won, which might just go down in the history books.

It was during this time in Iowa that Harris cemented his love for four wheelers.  He has kept up a monologue about getting one for Frog's Hollow ever since.

Our last stop in Iowa was to see Bryce's sister and family.  Our entire trip, we were so excited to meet Leah's new baby girl, but baby Eloise had different ideas!  Three hours after we left, we got a text that she was checking into the hospital and several hours after that, Eloise was born!  I still can't believe we missed it!

Grace and Harris had a lot of fun playing with their darling cousins, and we had so enjoyed visiting with Ben, Leah and Aaron!

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