Sunday, August 14, 2016

Redwoods National and State Parks

The Redwoods National and State Park was a wonderful next stop for us as it offered something besides beautiful trees; it offered the coast!  I had never seen the Northern California coast and I'm so glad that we made it there.  It felt fitting to make it to the coast, across the country from our home!

Redwoods are the world's tallest trees and grow along a narrow strip of the California and Oregon coast.  They like to grow in exactly the right spot, as they are sensitive to the salt from the ocean, but require the fog that gives them their required moisture.  We hiked around Stouts Grove,and Damnation Trail, both with old growth Redwoods.

Before the parks were formed to protect these trees, almost 96% of them had been logged!  I find it impossible to believe that we narrowly missed losing these trees forever.  Our campground, which was lush and beautiful, was set amid the stumps of old Redwoods.

We spent a nice chunk of time at Enderts Beach.  While the water was too cold to swim in, we enjoyed the beach.

Also, the children did some small cliff jumping into Smith's River!

Next Stop... Crater Lake National Park

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