Thursday, May 12, 2016


As the new septic was first being installed, it came to be that a few more trees needed to be taken out than was previously planned.  Two of the trees were already on their way out and weren't great trees anyway, but one was a walnut that we really hated to lose.  Bryce and I have a fondness for walnut as our bedroom furniture was made by Al out of walnut and our kitchen island top is also walnut.  It's simply a beautiful wood.

After a fair amount of calling around, I found a young man who was willing to come to our farm, load up the logs and mill them.  I loved working with Travis as he is just starting out, but clearly knows a tremendous amount, loves what he does and is super easy to work with.  He loaded up the logs (the septic guys were willing to use their equipment to help Travis get the logs loaded) and took them to mill them into slabs.

Yesterday, he delivered the newly milled slabs and stacked them in an outbuilding where they will spend the next year or so drying out!  Once they are finally ready, I have visions of a mudroom bench, a large serving platter and some sandwich boards being made out of them!


  1. I have many questions! I have so much wood here that I would like to do the same! We are due for some time together. X

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