Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"She's Here"

Over the weekend I got this text from Bryce, "She's here.  For some reason I'm emotional about it."

He was referring to our Airstream and the fact that we were finally able to get her on our new property!   Getting her to be on our own property, not parked in a rented space or on our busy street, but in our own driveway, was the end of a long rode.  Bringing her home to Frog's Hollow was a big deal.

Ever since we got the Airstream, we've dreamed of being able to park her in a barn on our property (we are not yet to that stage!).   In fact, that desire is one of the things that nudged us to start looking at other houses and properties.

However, the driveway of the new house had too much of an angle to it so that we were very concerned that the hitch of the trailer would get hung up on it.  Therefore, we had to make the entry of the drive more of a level grade.  As everything does, this took way longer than one would expect!

Unfortunately, two trees had to come out in the regrading.  Also, we would eventually like to put a Belgium block apron at the end of the drive, but, due to future work, we put in a temporary asphalt one.  That way construction trucks coming in won't tear be too much wear and tear.

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