Friday, May 6, 2016


We've been making plans to do some renovating at the new house.  A few of the things we'd like to get done before we move in, but most of them won't get done until afterwards.  We've been meeting with the architect, and while we are pleased that we are making progress, it's been really slow going. It's really important to me that any changes we make be respectful of the house and move it forward in a positive way.  I don't want to be responsible for make some oddball change that doesn't make sense or strips the house of it's quirkiness and charm.

Here's a list of the "major" changes...

1.  Add a mudroom.  From the moment we looked at the house we knew that a farmhouse needed a mudroom.  Oddly, there isn't even a place to make one in the current footprint, so it looks like that will be the one thing that we add to the house.

2.  Renovate the kitchen.  This will be our third kitchen that we've renovated.  I can't wait.

3.  Beef up the screened in porch.  You know how we love a great screened porch and the bones are there for this one, but it needs some work so that it is more seamless with the house.

4.  We would like to move the master bathroom into a bedroom and the make the current master bathroom a closet.  This might be the biggest project of them all so we will see if/when it happens.

5.  The end bedroom upstairs is only accessible through another bedroom (common for old houses) and we are hoping to put a hallway down the middle so that it's more accessible.  The bedroom has stairs that led to the kitchen and a really small, sweet bathroom.  That's the room Grace wants.

Of course, there are about a million other things that I want to do but these are the ones that require an architect.  Also, a fun fact is that Bryce loves to draw plans!  After our first architect meeting we were a little underwhelmed and he came home, got out a sheet of tracing paper, and got to work. With a few tweaks those are the plans we are going with.  I suppose that we know better than anyone how we live and use our space.

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