Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year's Eve

For many years, we have spent New Year's Eve with our dear friends, The O's (that's what we call them!).  This year was no different, but it was in a different location.  We decided to ring in the new year in our new, but empty, house!  And to take it to the whole next level, Gretchen suggested that we sleep over!  I sort of thought she was crazy, but in retrospect I can't imagine a more wonderful way to welcome the house to a new year and a new family!

Bryce set up strobe lights and a music system to have a dance party!  Leading up to New Year's Eve I kept finding Bryce tweaking and singing along to his playlist for the night!  We even practiced a few moves : ).  A little known fact about Bryce?  He loves to dance.

We even made a balloon drop!  Did you know you can buy balloon bags on amazon?  It was super fun.

I made a champagne cake from the cookbook Vintage Cakes, which was a Christmas present.  It was really tasty and we all agreed it definitely did taste old fashioned!

And much to our delight, the O's actually pitched a tent in our new living room to sleep in for the night!


  1. Congrats on your new home!! What an adventure! It looks just perfect for you and your family. You must be over the moon!! Many bessings. - Kristin

    ps. that room with the green walls & white trim is so pretty!

    1. Thank you Kristin! It will indeed be an adventure in all sorts of ways and we are super excited. Plus, that room is one of my favorites :)


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