Thursday, January 7, 2016

New, Old, Older and Oldest

Thank you for all of your well wishes for the farmhouse!  We are so excited (and a bit overwhelmed too).  I thought it would be fun to tell the tale of how Bryce and I surprised ourselves, years ago, by discovering that we love old houses.  We bought our first house the year we were married.  It was a small, sweet home and we loved that it was brand new and that we got to choose some of its unique features.   During those first years, when we were on a shoestring budget, we would go around to new developments and wander around the new homes that were being built for fun.  We would talk about, and plan, what we would build someday when we were able.  We would even use computer software to design our dream house.

After Bryce graduated from GSU and got a job across town (which in Atlanta translates to hours of traffic) we decided to move closer to his work.  Now, I cannot tell you how often I had said that I didn't like old homes and specifically I didn't like brick ranches that were so prolific in the area that we were looking.  So we looked and we looked and we couldn't find anything at all that we liked and that was in our price range.  Finally, in desperation I believe, our realtor took us into a 1950's ranch.  I knew the moment I walked in that I wanted the house.  The surfaces of the old floors glowed and spoke of lives lived.  It just felt different than all the other houses.  It wasn't large and it wasn't grand, but it was special to us.  It was a real fixer upper and we spent the majority of our time remodeling that house ourselves.  Both of my children came home from the hospital to that house and it will always have a special place in my heart.

Still, when we moved here we told our realtor specifically that we wanted a newer or new house.  We had just left behind a very loved and renovated house, but it had taken up so much time and with very young children we didn't think we were up for an old house.  Again, our realtor took us to dozens of homes.  We didn't like a single one.  Finally, again in desperation, our realtor told us she wanted to show us a house that she just sold but that we might enjoy seeing.  I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that we got out of the car, looked at the house, and at each other, and knew that this was the sort of home we wanted.  Not the style but the kind of home.  In retrospect, I believe our realtor must have been very good at her job to be able to tell what we wanted without us even knowing.  From that house forward she only showed us older homes and we quickly found our current home (1910). Again, we've renovated and love our home and in many, many ways feel that this is an ideal house. Through renovating and putting on an addition, we've been fortunate to make this house exactly what we want (it started with good bones)!

In looking for more land, we talked about finding land and building, but ultimately we decided that old homes speak to us (they might have more to say to me than to Bryce!). They are quirky and maintenance can be a nightmare but they just feel right to me.  We seem to be getting older and older (us and the houses!) as some parts of the farmhouse we just purchased are from the 1700's!

P.S.  The top picture of the farmhouse was on notecards that the previous owner gave us at closing.


  1. I have been following your blog for years, but I have never commented. I just wanted to tell you how excited I am for you on your "new" house. I can't wait to hear and see more about it. It looks amazing! Yesterday, I read your New Years post when you made the announcement about the farmhouse. I have thought about you and the house so much since then, that I figured it was time to comment! Even though I'm a stranger, I'm really excited for you!

    1. HI Maggie! Thank you so much for your kind note, I very much appreciate it. I can’t wait to share more about the house, I do love it! I’m so glad that you introduced yourself!



  2. Beautiful drawings :)
    Maria V.

  3. I cannot wait to see what your new home looks like and what you do!!!!

  4. What an amazing adventure you have stepped into. I'll be right here following along!


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