Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Favorite Things #52

These are two new, but old, favorite things that have been getting a lot of use lately!  The vintage Jadite batter bowl was a Christmas gift from my Mom and it's such a treasure!  We use it every weekend to make pancakes!

The second is this little pink measuring cup.  My old measuring cup had long ago lost all of its markings, probably due to the dishwasher, and I was forever trying to squint and make sure I was around the lines I was looking for.  I love this little pink one cupper because there is no writing to fade away, it's permanently marked.  Plus, it's pink!  Fun fact: it says Kellogg's on the bottom so perhaps it was used for advertising?


  1. I have that exact same Jadite batter bowl! I love it! I received some Jadite mixing bowls for Christmas and they are just so pretty. Such a soft sweet color. That pretty pink measuring cup is gorgeous as well.


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