Friday, January 22, 2016

Blow Dry Bootcamp

Several years ago, I went on a girls weekend where I knew most of the ladies present but not all of them.  Over breakfast one morning, I was talking to a new friend and she was passionately discussing hair.  I learned that she is a hairstylist and that she loves what she does.  As I sat there listening to her, I remember thinking that I wanted someone to cut and color my hair who loved her job as much as Theo.  Theo has been doing my hair ever since! Going to her is like going to see your best friend who just happens to work on your hair.  She's wonderful!

I have great hair but, unfortunately, I really can't do it justice with a hairdryer!  It takes forever to blow out my hair, and I lose my patience, strength and will long before it's actually dry!  Therefore, I often fall back on a bun or ponytail.  Grace has really, really beautiful hair, but it's thick and coarse like mine and is also very hard to blow out.

Ever since she was little, Bryce has blow dried her hair for her (he's like an everyman!) while she sits on the stool in the bathroom.  It's actually very, very sweet and I think it's special to both of them. However,  looking forward, I'm worried she will get to college and not know how to dry her hair and always be frustrated like I am!  So when Theo offered up a brilliant "blow dry bootcamp" I signed Grace up!  The class was all about learning how to dry your hair and it couldn't have been a better idea.  I would have loved to take the class too, but I had a prior commitment that night so Bryce took her, which seemed appropriate anyhow : ).

They both reported that it was a lot of fun and that they learned a lot too!  Grace learned about the importance of really clean hair, a good brush and starting at the roots.  Her first attempt at home resulted in a few shed tears but I think that she will get there!

Would you take a class like this?  I love the idea of taking 1 to 2 classes to learn something new!  I'm thinking it would be a fun business as the ideas are endless!  Calligraphy, hair, makeup, knitting, canning, etc.!

*Photos 1 and 6 were taken by Donicia

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  1. What a great idea! I would totally take that class. You cannot beat a good blowout, and doing it yourself would save a ton!


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