Monday, January 18, 2016

Eosiniphilic Esophagitis Update

Harris had an endoscopy last week.  A little summary of the last year leading up to this scope goes something like this...

1.  Fall 2014:  Harris has a scope and his numbers come back crazy high at 66.
2.  He has a full allergy test again and is basically allergic to everything.  Dust mites (gross!) are high on the list so we cover his bed and pillows with allergen free bedclothes and get rid of some of his stuffed animals hogging the bed.  He is also taken off of dairy, wheat and corn (and of course, no nuts).
3. We also visit a homeopathic practitioner who tells us to do some crazy sounding stuff but we do it to the letter.
4.  February 2015: He has another scope and has 0 eosinophils.  He's never, ever had a clean scope before.  They add corn back to his diet (he has been off of corn for years).
5.  May 2015: He has another scope and once again has 0 eosinophils.  They put wheat back in his diet.
6.  August 2015: He has another scope and still has 0 eosinophils.  They put him back on dairy!
7.  January 2016: He has another scope, while having zero restrictions on his diet, and has 0 eosinophils.

You guys, this is incredible.  After the scope, the doctor came in to talk to Bryce and I and expressed surprise that it looked so good (we would wait for numbers) because one doesn't "grow out of EE."

We are ecstatic for Harris!  We haven't had our follow up with the doctors yet so I don't yet know what their thoughts are, but I'm all over the map with my thoughts!  Could it have been environmental this whole time even though the doctors say that's highly unlikely?  Could the homeopathic doctor have cured him with her remedies?  Could he have simply outgrown it?  Though I"m incredibly curious about all of that, I don't really want to question how we got here but rather celebrate the fact that we got here!  Here's to cake!  And cornbread!  And milk and cookies!

P.S.  Photos of Harris exploring one of the barns on the farm!


  1. Yaaaayyy!! That's wonderful!

  2. Hooray!!! That is wonderful news! And Anna that barn, that farm, what an amazing place for your family to explore and enjoy. I cannot wait to see more. I am drooling!

  3. Wonderful wonderful news! Hooray! I am so glad to hear it. Also, Anna, that farm, that barn, wow. What a wonderful place for your family to explore and grow! Cannot wait to see more.


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