Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring is Coming!

Yesterday was the first warmish and sunny day we have had in weeks (months!?)!  When that warmth was combined with more daylight in the afternoon it made for some pretty happy and excited children.  They went outside and played even though the only surface to play on was our driveway since we still have significant snow coverage.  Even funnier?  Grace actually put on shorts!  It wasn't that warm, but apparently in her mind anything over 45 degrees was shorts weather!  So they rollerbladed, skateboarded and played some basketball!  Spring is on it's way!

These pictures aren't from yesterday, but I wanted to share them as I think they are so fun!  Grace took each of these pictures last fall when she and Harris were having fun with the my camera.

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  1. We got some sun around our house too. Everyone was out without coats even though there are mounds of snow anywhere. Great pictures!

    Mickey @ mybashfullife.com


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