Monday, March 23, 2015

A Ballet Gala

Saturday night Bryce and I went to a ballet gala to support the school where Grace takes her classes. It was a fun evening of watching ballet, getting dressed up and eating good food; all for a wonderful cause!  Ron and Gretchen also joined us for the evening.  It was made extra fun since Grace was able to attend the Jr. Gala, which was for students who performed in the show (they also have a professional company).  The Jr. Gala had a DJ, dinner and lots and lots of dancing!  It was such a great way for her to feel an important part of the school and for the girls (and a few boys) to have fun in their own independent way!

Unfortunately, we didn't take the time to take any pictures but these and we didn't get any of Grace!  I wore a vintage dress that I bought a while ago and Bryce got to pull out his tuxedo.

I also wore this vintage pin turned hair comb in my hair!  I think it's so pretty!

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  1. The parents look very fine. What a pleasant way to spend an evening. I've always been impressed with 3-pc. suits (can you guess who wore them to where I worked?) The Jrs. must have had a wonderful fun time dancing loose after the ballet. Now is when you begin to wish you were 'a fly on the wall'.


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