Friday, March 20, 2015

Favorite Thing #46

I have a mild case of psoriasis that comes and goes but definitely gets a bit worse during the winter. This past winter (happy Spring!), I kept getting spots of it on my face and was looking for something to keep my face a bit more moisturized than even my beloved moisturizer of years seemed to be doing.  I'm not sure how I came upon Shiva Rose Facial Oil, but I now don't want to be without it!  I love everything about it; the bottle, the smell and most importantly how it works.  I put some on at night and wake up with super soft skin.  My skin has never felt better!  While it's certainly not inexpensive, I've found that a little goes a long way and while I've been using it for months, I think I'm not even halfway through the bottle yet.

P.S.  My vitamin D levels have been low, so I've been taking vitamins.  I put the vitamins in an old perfume bottle I had and it looks lovely on my bathroom counter.

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  1. Like the ideas for the comb and the pill bottle. Never saw pills displayed so well. Smile......


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