Monday, December 1, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree

We went and cut down our tree on Saturday and while the pictures tell a story of happiness and Christmas cheer, the actual story is one I'm sure will become family lore for years to come....

When we pulled into the tree farm we parked right in the first field but were told that they were really low on Fraser Firs (what we've gotten every single year of my life) and so we walked over to field 2, read the map and headed over to pick out "the perfect tree."  Right away we noticed that the trees weren't looking awesome and we tromped around in the snow for a while silently panicking that we were going to have to abandon ship and just go get one at a tree stand.

Finally we found one that sort of fit the bill and had a conversation that went something like this...

Me:  This is perfect.  It's the one! (said a little too brightly)

Bryce:  Are you sure?  It's a bit fat.

Me:  No, no, it's perfect.  It's sort of funny though, it kind of looks different than they normally do.

Bryce:  Yeah, what's up with the color?  It looks like a hybrid. Are you sure?  It's really fat.  And why is it so prickly?

Me:  It's perfect, let's just get it.  (my feet were cold)

We then proceeded to chop down the tree, at which time Bryce's mood started to slowly deteriorate. The tree was unwieldy and really, really painful when touched.   Bryce's favorite jacket was ripped by the brambles in the field.  Harris declared he was never helping Bryce again since, "Dad keeps getting on to me." The next time I looked over at Bryce, his face was scratched up and he seemed to be having a reaction to the tree which turned out to not be a Fraser Fir after all.

That's right.  We read the map wrong and were not anywhere near the Fraser Firs and even though all the red flags were there we still didn't put the pieces of the puzzles together.  So for the first time in my memory, we have a non Fraser Fir for our Christmas tree (we think it's a Douglas Fir).

We spent the evening literally throwing lights on our too fat tree, amid exclamations of terror and pain from anyone who got near the tree.  Bryce had to take a nap because the Benadryl that he had to take to stop the itching and swelling knocked him out, Harris thought that everyone was in a bad mood so he escaped to his Grandmas house for the evening and I just wondered how on earth we were going to get ornaments on the tree and live to tell the tale....


  1. Anna, I actually love this post! This is real life--sometimes things just don't happen as we plan, and I love and can identify with all of your positive comments, amidst a less-than ideal situation--trying to convince yourself, as well as your family, that this was the perfect tree! This is such a real-life adventure and one of your funniest yet! I'm betting that when you show a picture of the decorated tree, it will be a beauty...

  2. Oh man! what an adventure! I can't wait to hear about the decorating process. From what I can see, it does look very pretty. :)

  3. That sounds like one for the books! Hope the tree doesn't take any more victims during the decorating. Next year should be a cinch after this. So sorry it was so rough this year.


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