Monday, December 22, 2014

The Weekend Before Christmas

This weekend felt luxurious in a way that doesn't come around very often. There was a lot of doing nothing, with wonderful somethings sprinkled in between! Friday was Grace's last day of school, so that was my cut off for being all done with gifts and as many holiday details as was possible. This allowed us to go into the last weekend before Christmas relaxed and excited instead of stressed and run ragged. Our Friday evening was spent at the Shepherds Play, which is performed by Waldorf teachers, for the students and family, on the Friday before Christmas around the world! It was beautiful, funny and a great reminder what the season is all about.

 Saturday was our annual breakfast with friends, which is always a highlight of the season. As always, it was wonderful to enjoy our special friendship with these families who we feel so blessed to have in our lives (even though one now lives in a different state!). I hosted and even though my gluten/dairy free gingerbread waffles were a complete bust- I had to quit midway and abandon ship- I was so happy to have the house full with friends and children.

After our friends left to get on with the rest of the day, we worked on finishing touches for the children's handmade Christmas and not much else! The fire was going all day long and we found that we just kept coming back to it like a moth to a flame! I don't even think Harris ever changed out of his pajamas!

Saturday evening, Bryce and I attended fun Christmas parties. I love getting dressed up and took this opportunity to wear a "new" vintage dress!  Also?  The Christmas parties had such fun entertainment!  One had a tarot card reader (I've never done that and it was surreal!) and another had a photo booth! So, so fun!

(photo by Harris)

Sunday was possibly the laziest day in history and it was so wonderful.   It was spent, once again, in front of the fire where nothing was really accomplished except for spending time with one another. Which is just great in my book.

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