Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Truffle Wreath (teacher gifts)

Our class puts together a basket for Grace's teacher every year, and this year my contribution is a truffle wreath.  According to Grace, her teacher loves chocolate truffles (who doesn't?).  I hot glued peppermint truffles from Lindt Chocolates* to a wire frame that I picked up at the craft store (the smallest size).  I loved that it only took about 10 minutes to do the whole thing.  I added a bow to finish it off.

I had enough truffles to make one for Harris' teacher as well!

*When I visited the Lindt website, I noticed that today they are having a flash sale for 50% off! The exact box that I used to buy these truffles is only $12.50! Wouldn't it be cute to get the pink ones and make a Valentine's wreath?


  1. Really like the wreath idea to use at Christmas next year. Surely a few of the truffles were consumed in the process of assembling the wreath. :-) I'm thinking Grace.

  2. This is the best! Those chocolates are our all times favorites! And all the kids wanted to give them to their teachers! I wish i would have seen your brilliant wreath a few days that we could have copied it!


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