Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Christmasy Bar

We have a little tray table that we use as a sort of bar, usually with just a decanter or two, in our living room.  When our Christmas tree gets put up, the tray has to be relocated to our dining room to make space for the tree.  I actually really like the table in the dining room and have been on the lookout for several years for a replacement of some sort in the living room, but have had no luck.
This year, I put out more libations than we usually have and I think it's fun, festive and ready to celebrate!

When Bryce and I were first married, I saw in a magazine an old cocktail shaker that had been made into a lamp and knew I wanted to make one too.  It was on my first visit to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta that I found both the shaker and the tray table.  Up until that point I had been a "no antiques" sort of person, but looking back I realize that that trip changed my perspective and it's been since then that I've been drawn toward antiques and vintage items.  

I switched out our decanter stopper for this Santa wine stopper and Bryce added the scarf!

I also put out our glass frog drink stirrers.  I'm not entirely sure what stirrers are really for (they sort of get in the way when you go to take a drink!) but I love them!

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