Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our Christmas Tree, Trimmed

 As much of a literal pain as our Christmas tree was to pick out and bring home, I must admit that now that it's all decorated it is quite beautiful.  No one will go near the tree, but we all like to admire it from a safe distance.

We started our evening off with a nice meal of ham, beans and sweet potatoes.  This is a far cry from our usual, and traditional, meal but with Harris' allergies we decided to go simple.  And you know what?  It was nice.  It was relaxed, easy and not a ton of clean-up.

Nothing required a lot of prep or work and so I did make the effort to putting together a fun dessert.  I think the tree cake came out darling!  (the idea and instructions on how to make the trees came from here, but I made a gluten/dairy free coconut cake).

This years ornaments were a pointe shoe for Grace and a sword for Harris (to signify his spell of making swords in the basement and binge reading Percy Jackson over and over again).

Turns out that the tree was still very prickly and our evening was punctuated by cries of pain all evening but we finally got the ornaments on!  Having two children who are of an age where they can help sure does make a difference as it used to take forever to put the ornaments on and now it goes by pretty fast.  Grace really enjoys seeing all the ornaments and reminiscing about what they stand for.  I love that.

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  1. Special commemorative ornaments. Bet both Harris and Grace were pleased. The tree theme throughout the evening wasn't overlooked. The pic with the lighted tree behind the tree cake is a very nice touch!


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