Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Seattle, Washington

I really enjoyed exploring Seattle and wish that we had had time to dig a little deeper and enjoy more of its "local" options but with a limited time frame we were lucky to explore as much as we did!

Our first foray in to Seattle was on a weekend and I couldn't believe how crowded Pike Place Market was. It was almost impossible to enjoy or explore, it was so jam packed.  However, we did enjoy a really delicious lunch overlooking the water.

From the Market we walked to the Olympic Sculpture Park where the children just enjoyed being together and running around!  Funny side note: on the bus ride home I asked Harris if he enjoyed the sculpture gardens.  His response?  "What sculpture gardens?"

On another day, we went to Fremont in search of the troll under the bridge!

We also visited Volunteer Park and climbed the Water Tower for some great views.

We decided to splurge and eat at the top of the Space Needle.  I cannot recommend this highly enough. When you eat at the restaurant you do not have to pay the admittance fee nor wait in the long lines to get in to the Space Needle.  Also, you get amazing views that aren't hindered by wire and the food is delicious!  However, make sure to make a reservation in advance!  In my opinion, it was totally worth it!

Grace was so excited to visit the first ever Starbucks.  There was a line, but it in fact moved rather quickly and we decided that our Frappuccino and Latte did indeed taste better!

Of all the adults, I was the only one who wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel overlooking Seattle.  Kathleen was a good sport and rode with us even though she is not a fan!

We also visited the Ballard Locks.  These locks are what make it possible to maintain water level between sea water and fresh water (and allow boats to navigate the different levels), keep salt water out of the fresh water and maintain the fresh water levels of Lake Washington and Lake Union.

And that's all for our trip to Washington except for Bryce's climb- which he will soon write a post about!  Thanks for putting up with all the pictures!


  1. Love the trip pictures! What a great time with family and friends. Looking forward to Bryce's post.

  2. What can I say. . .the photos are so so welcome and so well done. What excellent subjects! It must have been difficult deciding what to see and what to miss.


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