Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Conversation with Grace

In the car, just the two of us:

Grace:  I don't want to have to find a husband when I'm older

Mom:  Well, hopefully you will find each other.

Grace:  I want a husband that treats me with respect- and others too.  He has to be honest, just a good man in general.  And it doesn't hurt if he's good looking.

Mom:  It never hurts.

Grace: (said with passion) It's not fair that you took Daddy!  He should have been born when I was born!  I want someone like him.


  1. Oh my goodness! Heart melt! That is so wonderful. She will find someone like him for sure!

  2. She wil undoubtedly find a gem. She knows what she wants and will have had an example of a great husband in her dad.

  3. So glad you documented this conversation. What a testament to Bryce as a husband and father.

  4. Teared up on this one. What a precious conversation.


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