Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Notes from the Garden

Our garden has been such a delight for me this year, but it's also been a huge learning year as some things have been great successes and others total failures.  And of course all of this has only made me wish that I had triple the space as there is so much more I'd like to grow!

The deer have been a real nuisance! There is nothing as frustrating as having watched your young plants grow and flourish only to find them eaten down to the ground in one evening!  They ate the carrot tops, the bush beans and the pole beans!  They also had the nerve to trample in my beds- they are so rude.  Also, the peas never took and I have no idea why. All of a sudden the leaves started turning yellow and that was that.  We were all a bit bummed but will work on it again next year.

Oh, the tomatoes!  I had absolutely no idea that they would get this big.  They have literally overtaken the garden.  But oh goodness are they good!  I love that the children just go and snack on them right there in the garden.  They have overgrown so much that they are covering the leeks and onions and have even smothered the pole beans.  Clearly, I over-planted and will go easier on the tomatoes next year.

A large storm came through and blew down all the zinnias and broke them off at the base.  I had to pull many, but many survived and came raring back to life.  The dahlias are also growing beautifully and I've really enjoyed making little bouquets for the house.

We've had a bumper crop of cucumbers that we've all really enjoyed.  I've even been able to give many away which is always a thrill!  I used some of our chioggia beets to make what I believe is the prettiest dish I've ever made.  

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  1. It all looks beautiful! We have had a few failures as well. New gardens are that way I suppose. :( Next year we will know better.
    PS: I have heard if you take the toe of a panty hose and fill with human hair. I guess from a haircut of from husbands shaver, not sure, and hang it it will keep the deer away because they can smell the human on it. Not sure how well it works but I know some people who swear by it.


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