Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Love Snow Days

Yesterday was a snow day!  It was great snow for playing and building in and the children did just that for most of the day.

Awesome forts were built behind which snowballs could be hurled at one another!  We have a snowball maker which is great for making quick, perfect snowballs.

I love snow days.  I love how it's an excuse to sit by the fire and read a book.  I love how the children get bundled up over and over again to go outside.  I love how quiet it is when it snows and how stunningly beautiful it is.  I love that our roads get cleared really quickly.  I love those first few moments as the children learn that there is no school and they have the unexpected gift of a free day.  I love that Bryce plays in the snow with the children.  I love that feeling that just for one day everything can be put off and nothing has to be done.  I love snow days!


  1. Yay for snow! There is something magical and playful about it. Cool ice fort!

  2. I love snow days too...and all the schools around us had a couple last week...but our school decided to hang tight since it's early in the year! I was bummed, because I thought it was a fun time to have the kids home for some Wintery...Christmasy fun before our little baby come! It looks like you guys know how to have a great snow day! BTW....your kids are growing up ....WOW!!!

  3. Maybe it's the winter duds, but I agree that Grace and Harris look older in those pics. That is one professional fort. Impressive! And love seeing the Hawkeye beanie. What perfect snow for plat ! !

  4. P.S. Animation photo quite in keeping with your snow day comments. Nice touch.


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