Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

I hope that everyone had a lovely and beautiful Christmas.  We certainly did.  We even had a snow shower Christmas Eve, which added a touch more magic to an already perfect night.

Grace made cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve day.  I'm pretty sure that this "Baked For Santa" stamp is now one of my favorite things.  However, the words became almost unrecognizable once cooked.  Maybe shortbread cookies next year?

My sister and her family joined us for Christmas Eve dinner and church.  I believe my Mom was thrilled to have all her family together.

For dinner I used my favorite Christmas china- it always makes me happy to pull it out every year!

Christmas Day the children were up and raring to go by 7:15 (they both swear that they were awake by 6:30).  Here's the obligatory "sitting on the stairs waiting to run in and see what Santa brought" photo. Can you tell how excited they are?

We all had breakfast together in our pajamas!

The children have both declared this as the best Christmas yet.  Both children seemed thrilled with what they received and gave.  I was particularly smitten with this duct tape bow that Grace adorned my gift with.

 Later in the afternoon, we went to my Mom's house for Christmas dinner and even more present opening,  It was a full and perfect day!  I hope yours was the same.

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