Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Tree Trimming

Our tree trimming was a rather casual affair this year since before we could even begin to decorate the tree, the UGA football game had to conclude.  I'm so thankful they won because I was nervous that everyone would be in a rather grumpy mood if we had another tough lose.

We went with Broccoli Soup and Christmas Tree Rolls for our dinner this year.  The soup was delicious and felt healthy after all the decadent eating we had been doing over the Thanksgiving long weekend!

These rolls are my new favorite thing.  How wonderfully adorable are these pull apart rolls?  As a bonus they were super easy to put together (just leave enough time for 2 risings plus cook-time!).

We ended the evening with Brown Sugar Christmas Tree Cookies.  We went all natural since I ran out of time to even consider decorating them.

This years ornaments commemorated Grace's first backpacking trip and Harris' first season playing baseball.

As the children have gotten older the trimming of the tree has gotten a lot faster and not quite as hectic/crazy as it used to be.  The children really enjoy finding ornaments from past years and remembering what they stand for.

 P.S.  The brown sugar cookies and the broccoli soup recipes are both from the Christmas cookbook, Christmas Family Gatherings by Donata Maggipinto.


  1. Absolutely precious and perfect in every way shape and form!

  2. Absolutely perfect in every way!


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