Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Menus

One of my very favorite meals of the Christmas season is Christmas Day breakfast.  I love the excitement in the air, family gathered round our table, the contentment of having all morning with no where to be, the light shining in our dining room and last, but certainly not least, the food!

We always gather together as a family in our pajamas for Christmas morning breakfast- even those who are driving to join us come in their pajamas!  It's a fun tradition that we've been doing since we got married (maybe even before?).  This years menu was perfect and I don't think it needs to be changed at all.

Christmas Morning Breakfast

Breakfast Casserole (made the night before)

Cinnamon Rolls with Eggnog Icing (also made the day before)
Candied Bacon and Regular Bacon
Gingerbread Waffles with maple syrup

Hot Cocoa for the children with marshmallows and peppermint sticks

Our Christmas Eve dinner is our more "dressy" meal.  We eat before we got to our church service and then have dessert once we get home.  We don't have a traditional dinner, though we've tried to find "the" menu.  We've tried everything from lobster to steak to seafood gratins but nothing has struck gold with us yet.  The problem is that we want a special dinner but we don't want all the clean-up!  To spend hours cleaning up in the kitchen on Christmas Eve, especially when you've got other matters to attend to, is frustrating.  Therefore, I've looked for something that's extraordinary but can be made ahead.  This year, I'm not sure that I struck gold but it sure was tasty!  I think perhaps it can be tweaked a bit to make it just right.

Also, years ago, Bryce used to make an Eggnog from scratch that was really tasty.  However, we somehow let that go and it has been years since it appeared on Christmas Eve.  No longer!  He once again made a delicious and tasty Eggnog that will always be on our Christmas Eve menu (there is absolutely no comparison to store bought.  None.)

Christmas Eve Dinner

Homemade Eggnog
Cheese Plate (Champagne aged cheddar and Wensleydale Cheese (Cranberry) with red grapes

Lobster Mac and Cheese
Boston Lettuce Salad with pomegranate seeds and  Champagne Vinaigrette

No-Bake Miniature Cheesecakes

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  1. Yup. We definitely need you here to create our Christmas meals. Yummmm


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