Monday, December 30, 2013

Sibling Gifts 2013

Since we started making sibling gifts they, along with our other handmade gifts, have become one of my absolute favorite parts of Christmas.  The children are excited about making them and it's the first gift that is opened after Santa's gifts!  This year was all about the pillow!

Grace loves mustaches so Harris and I came up with the idea to make a pillow with interchangeable mustaches.  Since I have zero sewing skills, we enlisted the help of my Mom who did all the sewing for both the children's gifts.  Harris designed the mustaches and the face of the pillow, stuffed the pillow and helped cut out the mustaches.  He also made a little pouch for the mustaches that aren't being used.  He was delighted with the results as was Grace.

Several years ago, Al and Marilyn found this plaid, insulated shirt at a stadium that they were visiting.  After trying to find the owner, they kept the shirt and sent it to Harris.  Wouldn't you know that it became his favorite shirt and in fact, there is a period of time where every picture I have of Harris he is in this shirt!

It was a sad day when he realized it no longer fit him, but he didn't want to get rid of it.  Grace had the idea to make a pillow out of it to commemorate his favorite shirt.  I think the pocket was a stroke of brilliance.  It's perfect for little notes or tokens!


  1. Goodness, your children are amazing. Looks like you all had such a merry Christmas! Happy holidays from the UK! xxx

  2. Those are so wonderful. Very talented children!

  3. Obviously there was sincere thought put into the homemade Christmas gifts, including ours. Fun ones, but gifts to cherish.


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