Monday, October 21, 2013

Grace Hosts a Halloween Party

Grace has wanted to plan and host a family Halloween party ever since last year.   She made it happen this weekend and I couldn't be more proud of the job she did!  It turns out that my girl is quite the party planner!  She was organized and well prepared by the time the party got here (which I cannot always say about myself!), and though she handled the majority of the planning and preparing herself, I so enjoyed spending this time with her as we shopped, cooked and prepped together.


She made the invitations herself.

The Food

Grace chose the menu with minimal help from me.  She also made the food with the exception of the main course.

Moldy Cheese Plate

Mini Mummies and Eyeball salad

Rotten Pumpkin and Squid In Pasta with Bone Breadsticks

Ghostly Cake

The Drinks

Grace made ice cubes with worms and critters to serve with Sprite at dinner.  

To serve with the Ghostly Cake she painted the inside of glasses with melted chocolate and then poured milk in them.

We also had a few adult drinks but Grace didn't plan those!


Grace also planned several party activities.  Using various candies, our candy bin came in handy, they made Halloween monsters.  This was a super fun activity and the monsters turned out darling super scary!

We also played Halloween Bingo!

Favors and Thank You

As the party wrapped up, Grace gave everyone party favors and a thank you note!


  1. Adorable! I love the monster making activity!

  2. So cute! A chip off the 'ol block. Camille was looking over my shoulder and said "I want to go to that birthday party!" Well done Grace!

  3. I am very impressed! It's all perfect Grace!!!

  4. I can't believ I missed this post!!! I've been looking over your blog ths evening.... She is a girl after my own heart!! What an awesome and amazing celebration!! I love her every detail! So creative and thoughtful ... Just like her mama!!


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