Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Sideyard Project That Spans Years!

Way back in 2009 Bryce and I started work on a little stretch of side yard that is between a fence and our side porch.  Grass had been growing there but not well and we thought it would  be lovely to have a stone walkway.  We were lucky enough that a friend had given us tons of stone which we also used  for our front and back walkways.

This area doesn't get a lot of sun nor does it get much attention!  It's a little bit of "out of sight, out of mind" but most years I try to do a little something to it.  This year, I planted violas, hostas and ferns on the porch side hoping that they will eventually fill in a little and help with water run off.

Here's a little flashback to the area when we first started working on it...


Cutting and placing this stone was such a tedious job for Bryce and I'm pretty sure he swore he would never do such a thing again.  And can we talk about how cute this little guy is with his safety goggles?

After he placed all the stones, I bought Stepables and planted them between the stones but they didn't take at all. 

In the past couple of years we've had a mixture of weeds, grass and moss but mostly weeds.  However, recently the moss has been gaining ground which I'm very pleased about.  I'm hoping the moss will help to cut out all of the weeds!


  1. Love the moss! Here in colorado moss just plain won't grow like that. Way jealous. One of the great things about the east! Do you have to have a sprinkler system. I know my family in Cambridge and Cape Cod don't have to have sprinkler systems to water thier grass it just grows! That is crazy to me. We have to water every day!

  2. Your landscape is beautiful...I can't believe all the talent that is in your one little household! :) Amazing!

  3. The moss looks like it has really taken hold. Congratulations on the success! A big job and now attractive rewards. That little tyke is adorable !


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