Friday, October 11, 2013

A Few Things...

Fall is here and we are trying to soak it up with cider, leaves, sweaters and pumpkin treats!  Now if we can only settle on a Halloween costume for Grace.

I've been reading Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax and it scares me/motivates me.  Next week several parents from school are getting together to discuss the book.  I'm so interested to hear everyone's thoughts.  Next up?  Girls on the Edge.

I really love this print.  I've been contemplating doing a gallery wall behind my sofa.  Maybe this would be perfect to add?

I've been wanting to go on an Airstream Adventure but when I went to make reservations in a National Park the website was down due to the Goverment Shutdown.  I couldn't help but wonder how many families long awaited vacations were ruined?  So sad for so many.

This is the sort of hero I want Grace to look up to and learn from.  I can't get over that Malala is only 16.

It has recently come to my attention, once again, that I have no idea what I am doing as a parent most of the time.  I thought this article was interesting.  

Grace and I are on the last book in the Harry Potter series.  It's going to be rough going because we have discovered that I start crying before anything sad starts to happen in anticipation of what's coming next.  However, I've added this tour to my bucket list.  And while we are at it how about this one?  A girl can dream.

As we inch closer to having a tween/teen in our house we are having a lot more open discussions with Grace about everything under the sun.  This open letter made me realize that it's not just the children we need to worry about!

As we work a little on getting Grace's bedroom reconfigured, we are looking at new beds.  I like how bright and happy this bed is, but I'm worried that it won't stand the test of time due to the color.  Thoughts?

I already have a potting shed and I'm running out of room in my yard, but dream of having  a greenhouse/shed.  My lime and lemon trees would be so happy!  I pinned this one a couple of weeks ago and love it. Or maybe I could add one to the existing shed?

Finally, I hope everyone has a beautiful and lovely weekend!


  1. Wow, that is a lot. Parenting is so hard, and it seems maybe it is harder now than it was when we were growing up. I cannot BELIEVE the parents of the partying teenagers... this is what is wrong with individuals coming into our society! Wowsa. I really want to read that book. Growing up in Rural Colorado where many young mens goals are to simply take over the family farm or go be a laborer with a local construction company, it is hard to explain and instill those goals and motivations when all of their peers are happy just doing what thier parents did. AND... I love that print too. I can't wait to see how you use it. Very very cool. Have you heard of the tour at Universal Studios of hogwarts? It is very commercial, but I have to admit it is very very cool. Could you easily take an airstream trip to Florida?

  2. I love the bed. It is timeless. We have a the same bed in white. It has been in my 6 year old daughters room for years. I like that I can easily repaint it when she is ready to go in another design direction.
    The raspberry color is lovely.

  3. What a fun post...I can't wait to come back and look at the links! Right now I have to go to bed, so that I have the energy to keep up with all the kiddos! We are just starting to get fall here...the weather has been incredible....of course I like fall weather, so I have been yearning for nippy weather...but we have been blessed! I hope to capture a leaf picture as awesome as that one!


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