Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Favorite Things #35

In high school, I had to wear a bun when I was performing with my drill team (oh, yes!), and I got quite good at throwing my hair up into a bun. I've never really stopped putting my hair in a bun, except during the pixie cut years, and now it's happily very much in fashion, though I'm sure that I'll still be doing it once it goes out of fashion!  It's my go to style for summer since it's simple, classic and cool in hot weather.

I've always used plain bobbi pins, but I was introduced to hairpins while Grace was performing in the Nutcracker ballet.  They  are wonderful!  I use way less pins and they hold really well.  The key is to put them in perpendicular to your head and wiggle a bit as you push the pin in.  I'm fairly convinced this is what they use in the movies when a woman removes one pin and flounces her hair down in a dramatic and sexy way.  I still use too many pins for that but one can dream!

*The picture is one Bryce snapped recently and it just happens to show a rather messy bun.


  1. Oh! the above comment (form) wouldn't let me leave a name.

    The only problem with the pencil technique, is that my hair is so thick, I've actually broken a pencil! (:

    So these pins look very intriguing; I've never seen ones like them.

  2. Kate- That is so funny! Turkey vultures?!? However, I would really like to learn the pencil trick!


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