Wednesday, June 26, 2013

School's Out Celebration with UP

Yesterday was finally Harris' last day of school and we celebrated by watching a movie on the lawn.  Up was a perfect choice since it is about an adventure (though Grace and I cried a lot) and we are hoping to have some fun adventures this summer.

As a little surprise, I made a small batch of cupcakes and iced them simply to look like balloons.  I snapped the pictures of the children, blew them up to a much larger size, cut them out, attached a little twine to their hands and they were holding a bunch of balloons!


  1. CUTE! Great idea. Enjoy all of your adventures this summer.

  2. That's a clever colorful creation. You know how to come up with such delightful things for celebrations! Congratulations to Grace and Harris!

  3. Cute idea. We are hosting an outdoor movie night this weekend too. I hope it turns out as cute.

  4. What a fantastically creative and fun last day of school treat!!!! I've never seen the movie... If yall cried happy tears I need to check it out!!!!

  5. LOVVE IT!!!!!
    Your a brilliant mom!
    I am going to have to copy you! :)


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