Monday, June 10, 2013

Mason Jar Lanterns To Hang in a Tree

On Saturday, we had two other couples over for a little dinner party.  We got lucky with amazing weather and were able to eat outside.  A few years ago, I made outdoor lanterns to hang in our tree by the pea gravel patio.  We simply wrapped wire around the mason jar neck to create a handle and then cut off clothes hanger tops* to hang them on the tree.  The clothes hanger top makes it easy to hang the lantern wherever you want on the tree.

However, I'm always a bit hesitant to use them because it's a real pain to light the candles during a party.  If we lit them before the party started, while it was still light, they would probably burn down completely before it even got dark!  I was so happy to discover battery operated votives!  They have 120 hours of battery life and look pretty darn close to the real thing (I picked mine up at Target).  We simply turned them on when we hung them and as darkness settled in they added a soft, charming glow!  

Also, I sometimes find it difficult to come up with a good menu for dinner parties.  I used this menu as a jumping off point and then added a few things.  I thought it was a keeper!

 *I'm almost positive I first saw this idea for lanterns at Design Mom.  However, I tried to search it using various terms (on her site and Google) and nothing turned up.

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  1. Great backyard to share with friends as you do. The soft lighting is a welcome setting. Must have been a very special little dinner.


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