Monday, June 17, 2013

Time to Make The Doughnuts

Gosh, I have about a zillion things that I could post about, but I'm going to start with these yummy doughnuts!  Grace's last day of school was on Friday and to celebrate I made doughnuts.  I loved these doughnuts because they were easy (really easy!), they were baked and just to look at them made one feel happy!  I used a $10 doughnut pan that I picked up at Michael's that worked like a charm.

I used the recipe from Sweet Paul and I was pleased that the doughnuts didn't end up too heavy, though I might try to tweak the icing a bit next time since it was super sweet (the doughnuts themselves weren't though so it was a nice balance).


  1. So cute! I have a mini donut pan and am looking forward to trying this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  2. They look delicious! My girls would love to do this!

  3. this ones a tad bit more work.. but very good and different.

  4. Suzannelee- Those look delicious! I will definitely try them now that I have the pan! Thank you.



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