Saturday, June 29, 2013

Purple Sunsets Forever

Today is our 17th year as a married couple, and I thought I'd share a story that is uniquely ours.  Bryce and I didn't start seriously dating until it was close to our graduation from YHC.  After which I was slated to go to UGA and he was going to attend Iowa.  Of course, his parents came down for his graduation and they all stayed together at a hotel afterwards before traveling back to Iowa.  One of the things we loved about YHC, but were rather rare, were the beautiful purple sunsets over the mountains.  Bryce and I would have phone conversations (no cells phones yet!) but they were tempered by his parents being in the same room as he was and he was not yet ready for them to hear him say those three little words, "I Love You."  So he made up a substitute phrase, "Purple Sunsets Forever."

Fast forward to our wedding day, directly after we walked back down the aisle, and we immediately looked to see what we each had engraved in our wedding rings.  We hadn't shared that we were going to do it or even what we would engrave, but it was an exciting moment to discover that we had each engraved "Purple Sunsets Forever."  I cannot imagine traveling this journey with a better man than Bryce and I feel so fortunate to have purple sunsets everyday.


  1. Love the story...I love all love stories....I just!!!
    Happy Anniversary! We are at 17 years in August! :)

  2. So sweet! I can't believe it's been 17 years. Happy Anniversary!

  3. That is beautiful! What a great story.


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