Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Today, as I've been cooking for tomorrow's feast, helping the children work on some Christmas elfing, running to the store to get a few last minute items and fretting about exactly how I'm going to make a certain Christmas decoration, I've been overwhelmingly grateful that this is my life.  I'm so very thankful for my husband who supports my staying home with the children even though those children are both in school.  I'm thankful to be Grace and Harris' Mom and Bryce's wife.  I've got so many wonderful people and things in my life but these three are the heart and soul of it.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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  2. My mother always says that kids need their mom even when they are at school! She was always picking up her friends sick kids from school, and taking care of them because their moms were at work! I remember the great feeling that I could call my mom anytime during the day..and she was there for me! I think I may have pictured it incorrectly...she really wasn't sitting around waiting for me to call her because I forgot my science book! :) But I am thankful that my husband plans on me staying home to run books to school too! :)


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