Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Baseball Party - Part 1

On Saturday, Harris celebrated his birthday with 9 of his buddies.  From the very beginning of birthday party discussions he was very clear that he just wanted to play baseball with his friends - and that is exactly what he did!

We met at a local playground that also has a baseball field.   We kept decorations simple with two balloons and our happy birthday banner.  Marilyn and Al made an adorable pitchers practice board that was a big hit for pitching practice.

Grace acted as a vendor for the players!  She made programs for all the players and she and her Gran made the felt pennants for the cheering fans.  She was the cutest vendor ever.

The items in the vendor basket were Big League Chew, chocolate baseballs, BBBats taffy, and circus peanuts (since Harris can't have real peanuts we went with pretend peanuts!).  We also served hot chocolate and small bottles of Gatorade.

Two of our good friends were kind enough to come and help do drills and warm-ups with the children.  Tucker and Tim were great with the children and helped to make it fun for all.  Tucker's son, Toby, even helped us out by being catcher.  It was awesome.



  1. Darling party! What a cute group of kids, and you can just FEEL the fun in these photos. Thanks for your nice comment on my Design Mom post, Anna!

  2. This is spectacular!
    I love the last picture!

  3. Awwwww I am dying over your details and creativity!!!!!! Love everything! Perfection!


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